The 10 Types Of Readers That Make For The Perfect Book Club (

There comes a time in every bibliophile’s life when we need must find a book club.

When we have left the world of academia behind us – the long years of high school and then the sustenance, the spiritual nourishment that was our college English course – there develops a feeling that something is missing. Sure, we can select from a shelf whatever book we wish to read after work every day, or most days, but what is lacking is the ability to engage in meaningful discourse on what we read. We hunger for a specifically scheduled hour, or more, of intense literary critique with like-minded people (fueled by a glass of wine or two) […]

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  1. seedysyntax says:

    Thanks for sharing! My book club is going to die laughing.

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    1. nrnolan says:

      You’re welcome! 🙂


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