Sunday Sonnet (on a Monday, Alternatively Rhymed), #22, 2016


[Image by Natalie Gibbs on Pinterest]

Like a finger dipped in honey, the dog

worries at its paw, licking who knows what

from the fields and woods.  She looks on: how odd

to taste one’s skin, she thinks, to clean and wash

like a cat, tongue so tentative.  But watch

on she does.  Rhythm hypnotic of dog’s

licking has her enthralled.  Heat simmers; brush

of hand over temple to stop the hog-

like sweat beading down her face: that summer

returns to her in a flash, memory

of naked skin against skin.  It strips her

of the present and she sighs; hands through hair

retrace their patterns, exhalations, and

smiles.  She stops, blinks: it had been a long while.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]

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