Creating Under Tyranny: 5 Books On Artistic Response To The Nazi Regime (

“It is not the office of art to spotlight alternatives, but to resist by its form alone the course of the world, which permanently puts a pistol to men’s heads.” (Theodor W. Adorno)

Long have artists – whether they be literally artists, or musicians, or writers – found themselves entangled in politics and through their craft fought back against the oppression that threatened them. The twentieth century, in particular, saw many artists the world over necessarily stand up to tyranny through their work and, unfortunately, that has had to continue in the twenty-first century, too.

On this subject, Hyperallergic recently compiled a list of 5 books that give a broad view of artists’ different responses to the Nazi regime, from its beginning to its end; how they survived and coped during that horrific time. It is a wide moral spectrum, to say the least […]

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