6 Books For Readers Who Just Can’t Get Enough Of The Fantasy Genre (amreading.com)

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that, ever since Harry Potter was brought to the world grace à Rowling, the YA Fantasy scene has exploded.  Yet, so too has the Fantasy genre in general: taking a leaf out of the books of Tolkein and Le Guin, writers have developed a wonderful crossover category, also, that hangs between YA and high fantasy.

So, we now have bookstore shelves which positively cascade with fantastical titles, and rare is the day you don’t have to put your name down on a waiting list at the local library for the newest in your favorite series, be you young or old.  Indeed, it seems our eyes just can’t get enough of these expansive created worlds, our minds escaping the mundane concerns of daily life (whether we’re in high school, college, or trudging along in “adult land”), and hoarding precious hours to ourselves for binge-reading during evenings and weekends.

To this end, here’s a list of six crackers to feed your habit …

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  1. So glad to see Raven Boys on the list. It’s one I’ve had my eye on for a long, long time. I finally picked up a copy and will be reading it soon.

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