Love Wine? Take A Sip From The Top 5 Books For Budding Oenophiles (

Wine is big business these days. Although people have been drinking the fermented grape juice for around 4,500 years, there has been a huge surge in popularity in recent years. It is a social drink, part of our culture. We drink it to celebrate, we drink it to wind down, we drink it in lieu of water to accompany our meals. If it was good enough for the Romans…

Nonetheless, if you want to go from being an ignoramus on the subject – if you want to expand your viticultural knowledge beyond that gleaned from The Wine Show (though haven’t Matthew Rhys and Matthew Goode been wonderful this past season?) – and if you want to be able to discuss with an air of intelligence the red, white, or rosé in your glass without having to gain the qualifications of a sommelier, then you’ll need to do some reading.

To this end, The Wall Street Journal’s Lettie Teague compiled a list of some of the best beginners’ volumes on the subject (and she should know, having written three books on wine herself!) […]

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