10 Books That Have Been On My TBR Shelf Forever (Which I Still Haven’t Gotten Around To Reading) [AmReading.com]

If, like me, you are a serious booklover, then you don’t need any prompting to spend hours in a bookstore (indeed, friends and loved ones probably beg you not to enter that sacred space in the first place). If reading were a competitive sport, people like us would be Olympians, and yet we all harbor a dirty little secret: one (or more) of our shelves is full of books we still haven’t gotten around to reading.

This hasn’t stopped us buying more books, however. Nor has it stopped us accepting books as gifts. Indeed, that TBR shelf has become so laden down with reading matter that it’s transformed into an experiment to find the maximum load quantity of the wood. Nevertheless, the TBR shelf is also an interesting study of the multiple genres that take our fancy, an insight into what makes our brains tick, and what lights up our synapses.

Here are 10 books that can be found on mine […]

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