Tuesday Tunes -Poetry Through Music, #38, 2016

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[Inspired by Lilium’s “Sleep Inside”:]

Mist of sleep first veil

to fog cloaking all outside, glass

clouded in condensation, breath

of sleepers halted in escape.

Two worlds collide, frozen.

Then a yawn to wake, the pause

broken and action returned

as the globe spins on. Lives

of many dance, unconscious

of their syncopated rhythm;

a dance shared in quickness.

Shackles some may feel, but

freedom this is, these

repeating diurnal tunes, feet

traversing earth – surfaces untainted and

others changed by the hand of Man.

One, two, one-two, and on

their bodies move, as vital as

that first wakeful breath.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]