Dan Brown’s Harvard Symbologist Is Back To Decoding In New Novel “Origin” (AmReading.com)

Dan Brown’s Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon, is to tackle a fifth mystery in the series next fall.

Robert Langdon has been on the wrong side of the Illuminati in Rome, working against the clock to foil an antimatter bomb in Vatican City (Angels and Demons); he’s gone head-to-head in France with the Opus Dei, cracking the clues in Leonardo Da Vinci’s work to find the real Holy Grail (The Da Vinci Code); he’s found himself back on home turf, only to be needed in Washington D.C., uncovering Masonic secrets whilst observed by a truly terrifying villain (The Lost Symbol); and – as cinemagoers can currently discover, if they’ve not read Inferno – the professor has lost his memory in Florence, only to have to follow Dante’s hellish trail in that state in order to stop the release of a deadly plague […]

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