Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #31, 2016

Image from Pinterest

[Inspired by Hungry Ghosts’ “Nothing Has To Happen”:]

Liquid caress on pallid skin, chill

of mist, breeze-buoyed, surrounding.

Embrace to erase all cares

of mainstream world; a pause

in Nature, inhalation

as eradication of thoughts destructive.

She walks.  What worth

money here?  What cost a breath,

product without price this air

from trees still standing?

She smiles.  So rare

that quirk of lips, her mouth

a crescent moon ascending

to joy.  Simple joy.

Arms spread wide, she spins,

twirls like the girl of yore,

nimble child fed on fairytales;

not this husk, worry-chiseled.

She falls, knees scuff

grass, tights muddied –

but she doesn’t care.

Here, there is no care,

save soul.  Freedom of spirit.

She throws back her head

and laughs, tears spilling

down her face.  Release.

[Copyright © N R Nolan]