Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #30, 2016

Image from Pinterest

[Inspired by Over The Ocean’s “I Will Be Silent”:]

Dust coating shelves, petal-coated

itself from the flowers now dead

from that night weeks before.

Finger trailing in the dirt, through

the memories since then to now,

she sinks to the floor, pulling

with her a book at random.

Pages fall open to words which

had so much meaning before.

Who can write from only pain?

Tears hit the page, type blurs

with the salty liquid.  She observes,

detached and apart from her form,

from flesh; a spirit confused, looking

down on herself in all ways.

So close she can see carpet fibres

fluffing up, big as leaves of autumn,

missed by a vacuum inactive, waiting

in a cupboard – with hopes, with dreams –

shut up and forgotten in light of

this: what was this, exactly?

A descent, return to prior state, “alone”.

[Copyright © N R Nolan]