21 Must-Read Books For Every Woman Under 35 (A Literary Youth Serum, If You Will) [AmReading.com]

It’s a strange decade, one’s 30’s. To start with, there’s the looming of that first year when you step from one camp into another: from the relatively carefree, “I have all the time in the world” mentality of your 20’s, into the next age bracket, when all the puzzle pieces of your life are supposed to start slotting into place.  Or so we’re led to believe.

But how many of us actually get our lives sorted by our 30’s? Indeed, many women who passed that temporal landmark years ago will tell you that it’s all a lie: rather, our 40’s are when we’re supposed to be fully formed and happy humans.  Our 30’s, instead, are a hiatus in which to reassess the path we’re on and make adjustments as necessary […]

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