7 Authors We Would Love To Have Partied With (But It’s Probably Good We Didn’t) [AmReading.com]

It is the task of the writer to enthrall his or her readers, to evoke a sense of place or occasion so powerfully, so successfully, that readers visualize themselves as actually being there. So it is that over the years many have felt themselves part of the overflowing champagne scene of The Great Gatsby, or the booze-fueled, drug-crazed Beat crowd, or the well-lubricated nocturnal intellectual gatherings in Jazz Age Paris.

It is a feeling that stays with us and, at times, sadly affects the enjoyment of partying in real life. As we read – consuming eagerly a scene over-brimming with wine and conversation between equal minds, with a glass of our own at hand – a fantasy is born wherein our desire to be part of that written world […]

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