Back To School: 11 Habits Of Booklovers At The Start Of The New Term (

You knew it was coming.  You had your summer reading list: the personal one, with its amazing contemporary titles you’ve absolutely devoured this holiday, but still have dozens left to go through; and the academic one, with the dry prose and difficult language, and intimidating page counts you’ve struggled to put a dent in, let alone complete.  And now it’s happening: school/college is about to recommence, and you’re not sure whether Anna Karenina can be read in 48 hours without lifting your eyes from the page and, you know, eating or drinking (note: it can’t).

However, whether you’re returning to middle school, high school, or college there is that other side of the coin which brings a warm and cosy feeling to the serious booklover.  It’s the autumn term: season of mists, and sweaters and scarves, and the whole attractive romance of academia.  This is what booklovers live for.  If you’re no longer confident you fit into this category, given your unwillingness to pre-read the entirety of Paradise Lost this summer, check to see whether any of these seem familiar[…]

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