Come Inside: 7 Books That Will Whisk You Away Into The Eccentric World Of The Circus (

“Nothing is what one thinks it is. Cloth is stone and circus is an art. There are no certainties.” 

With these words of Walter Moer you have encapsulated the essence of life under the big top. There is a wonder about those who perform in and travel with the carnival, but there is a recognized darkness, too. Nothing is ever as it seems; be not drawn in by the illusions. Your own perceptions cannot even be trusted.

And yet, that undertone of wariness, of an instinctive fear of the shadows just behind the lighted spectacle, draws us in.  We reach forward with eager minds to learn more, as if our hands are stretching to take hold of the performers and run away with them.  But do we really want to join the circuses below? […]

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