The Key Party – A Poetic Continuance


[Image from Pinterest]

Kate walked in, quaking from nerves.

She’d never done this before, but

he wanted it.  Wanted one

of them – the other wives.

Why not? he’d pleaded.  Perfectly

normal thing to do.

Why not? she thought miserably.

Where to start?  The women

were gorgeous, granted.  And yet

the men…  She could feel them,

eyes tracing her body, phantom

touch of fingers to follow.

Promise of night to come should

her keys be the ones they chose

from the bowl

of destiny nocturnal.

Kate sipped the wine, her body shuddered.

Why want her?  The wives

were model-formed, blond, with smiles

of perfect ivory rimmed in seduction.

And Kate?  Perhaps a taste

of the ordinary is extraordinary

when you have, and have had, everything else.

Forgiveness wasn’t a thing she was sure

she’d possess after tonight.  Kate sighed.

All had seemed right, but for him

to lust after such things…

She crushed her hand into a fist,

fear replaced by anger, hot and wild.

How could he be so bored when

they hadn’t even had their first child?

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]