12 Books To Read If You’ve Binge-Watched Netflix’s “Stranger Things” And Are Having Serious Withdrawals (AmReading.com)

If you’re one of the many who’ve been captivated by the supernatural Indiana-set homage to 1980’s pop culture masterpiece that is Netflix’s science fiction horror series Stranger Things, you will undoubtedly have given free rein to your viewing appetite and watched back-to-back episodes. How could you resist when something this great was out there, channeling Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Stephen King, George Lucas, and so many more?

Unfortunately, once something has been consumed, that’s it.  No more. What to do then, when you’ve been crazily watching the sinister goings on in Hawkins for eight episodes only to come to the precipice of enjoyment that is the end of the season?  You could rewatch them all, granted, but instead, there is some reading material out there to keep your imaginations happy (while you cross fingers and toes that Netflix decides to renew Stranger Things for a second season) […]

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