Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #26, 2016


[Image by Sarah Ann Loreth, from Pinterest]

[Inspired by Goldmund’s “Threnody”:]

That whisper on her neck, shadow

pressing ‘gainst her skin, unseen

but there, lurking ‘hind a door;

behind eyelids, invisible in full sight.

Prickle of goosebumps on her skin –

morning, waking hours, and the night

especially, when house was still

but for exhalations of them, gathering

in the hall, the kitchen; everywhere,

except when guests came to stay.

Then, she was alone.  Not lonely,

canine blessed, but of homo sapiens

the sole occupant was she in this place,

so old, so full of death.  Yet, safe.

Safe, in the company of beings of mists,

of memories lived and still lived –

nothing forgotten, ever desirous

to share.  They were hers,

and she was theirs.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]