The Quest For Mary Magdalene: A New Exploration To Find The Truth Of The Saint Behind The Mystery (

Earlier this year, author Michael Haag delved into the history and legend surrounding Mary Magdalene, in his new title, The Quest for Mary Magdalene.  In its pages, Haag searches “[f]rom the Bible to the Gnostics, Cathars and Feminism” in his hunt for what is real and what is myth regarding a woman held by many as one of the greatest of the saints, a woman who has been called the Myrrh Bearer, the Penitent, and viewed as “companion of Jesus, goddess, whore, and icon”.

Such searching is not new, but the extent of Haag’s quest is vast. He doesn’t pretend to offer a definitive answer, but instead questions everything ever heard about this tale of love, death, and rebirth.  For over 2,000 years, Mary Magdalene, symbol of mercy and grace, has been invented and reinvented – something that Haag has interpreted as a sign that she had “a significance, a power, greater than the Gospels tell, greater than the Church.”

On Friday 22 July, the Roman Catholic Church celebrated the Feast of Mary Magdalene.  It was the first since Pope Francis had elevated the observance from a memorial.  On the same day, Haag was interviewed by the Religion News Service about The Quest for Mary Magdalene.   The historian mentioned some key points to remember in assessing the saint […]

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