10 Classic And Not-So-Classic Russian Books You Must Read (AmReading.com)

As any serious student of literature will tell you, unless your studies have ventured into the élite realm of Russian novelists, you cannot truly call yourself a reader.  To take on a Russian novel is not a light decision (quite literally: the classics are the weight of bricks) and no skim-reading is permitted here.  Prepare to sacrifice some iota of your eyesight in seeking enlightenment therein.

But there are more modern (shorter) gems to get you started; brilliant works of art that “ease” you in by first leading through the horrors of the Soviet era, in often highly complex and masterful ways.

There is no Pushkin included in this list; there is no Goncharov (indeed, to begin with Oblomov would put off the most dedicated of seekers).  Instead, you will find a suggested blend from different eras, its aim but to inspire […]

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