Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #23, 2016


[Image from Pinterest]

[Inspired by Sleep Dealer’s “The Way Home”:]

It crept up on him, claws climbing

his skin to risen hairs as regret took hold.

What had he done?  

He shivered.

Never would he forget her eyes – hers,

not this other one.  The one he’d…

Hands gripped head in horror, disbelief

at the unbidden mania guiding

his choice.

Could what was done be undone?

Turned his palms to face him: lines of future;

chastised by his own skin.

He’d been written

for a different path, and sneered at that fate.

Fingers stroked his neck, arms

wrapped themselves round him

from behind, squeezing; binding.

The voice that found his ear made him die inside.

This was all wrong, a mistake.

He turned to her, this creature, a siren

intent on blinding him to truth.

He shuddered with loathing;

she smiled, confusing it as passion.

“Come back to bed.”

He stood, watched as she slid to the floor,

taloned fingers encircling his feet.

Her eyes – cold slate, endless pools

of hate (he could see that now) – implored him,

perfectly poised as victim on the ground.

“Release me,” he whispered.  She shook

her head, mouth pulled tight in anger.

He crouched and pulled her fingers off him instead.

“Don’t you dare,” the creature growled,

an animal on all fours, focus on the door.

No possession material delayed him:

that exit called to him, light beyond a choir from above.

Time to find the woman he loved.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]