Tuesday Tunes [Delayed] – Poetry Through Music, #22, 2016


[Image from Pinterest]

[Inspired by Low’s “Lullaby”:]

His absence tangible

in the rumpled duvet moulded to her form,

she shifts, stretches,

careful not to erase his presence.

Memory of night before

still clings to her flesh, air caresses her,

sending goosebumps over her body;

the thought of his lips moving up

and down her skin.

Fingers grip a pillow, as her fist

had grabbed at his hair.  Why morning?

Why so short the night?  Why

this tangible absence?  So many

questions.  She sighs, eyes open

to stark white of the room,

to colder person she’d been before

him.  Determinedly closed.

Colour: she needs colour now, some

external display of inner content.

So predictable.  She chucks off the duvet

in shame at girlish musings.

Tonight, she’d say no.

Whisper of his lips on her neck, her ear, her hair

makes resolve more difficult; knees weak.

Disgust at herself propels her to the door.

Whatever he said, there would be no encore.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]