Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music (Reversed), #16, 2016

[This week, the following scribbled verse was crafted before seeking an auditory influence from Paramore’s “Ignorance” (available from Spotify’s “The Rock Workout” playlist)…]

 Alarm clock

was her own heart

pounding in her chest,

muscles tight, ready to fight,

take on the confrontation coming

ever nearer as the seconds ticked by

on the old clock standing sentinel in the hall.

And warm up

was the routine:

walking of the dogs,

washing self, coffee from shelf

taken to brew drink of warriors,

that eye-widener caffeine spreading through

her body (rigid, spying, from the window; stock-still).

The combat

was just that,

jousting verbals hot,

spitting crossfire, warring live wires,

and a clear and present danger, the threat

of extension to the physical: neighbours from hell.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]