Tuesday Tunes (or, rather, Thursday) – Poetry Through Music, #13, 2016


[Image from Kaieteur News]

[This week’s song selection is Evan McHugh’s “Serenade the Moon”, available from the Spotify playlist “Your Favorite Coffeehouse”:]

Hated to see her sad,

tears to match the rain.

No help could he offer her

oftentimes, only wait

for a smile to part the clouds:

eyes alight with warmth of inner sun.

Took her hand, gave a squeeze,

reminded her of his presence

– always by her side –

and strolled through streets

upon streets of emotion,

waiting for that single moment

of change.  Return of the girl

he fell in love with.

Only left a shadow most times,

hiding behind curtained eyes,

lashes cliffs cascading liquid

of a heart breaking for a reason

he would never be able to fathom.

She’d admitted to him once

that there were moments when

even she didn’t know why.

But when she reappeared,

goddess of his soul,

there were no questions left

– always by her side –

his love would never change.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]