A Sonnet, Alternatively-Rhymed, Post-Easter…


[Image from Vintage Connection]

They wore dresses then, “cared” about fashion

(for to ignore such would have given hint

too loud to their true station).  No jeans, lint-

free fabrics only, flowing (with passion

restrained – in thought, in speech, in deed).  Action

was for menfolk then; women bit tongues, leant

their talents to acceptable habits

and complimentary opinions.  Then,

though, modernity rushed in as “saviour”.

So it was dressed, all change in demeanor;

an about-face in behaviour.  But man

next became embarrassed, afraid of legs

in trousers, voices raised, beside him.  Let

past come forth once more: skirted salvation.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]