Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music,#10, 2016


[Image from PerformingArtsandBooks]

[Inspired by Joep Beving’s “Sleeping Lotus”:]

Though she might read –

build castles in her mind,

grand estates with grander gardens –

reality was crumbling away

and loss entire not far behind.

What was, was going now;

dust on the passage of time.

The heights of glory powerful

becoming sweet memory kept close to mind.

These books were a medicine

to her, with side effects.

Though nourishing, a cruel ache

crept up on her, in bed at night awake;

realisation of the ‘never to have again’

an insomniac cordial of fear.

Yet, to stop wasn’t an option:

in those pages – mingled with the words,

the texture, and the smell – was, at least,

a hope.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]