Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #8, 2016


[Image from DeviantArt, by ShiftyEnd]

[Inspired by Jack in Water’s “Epicurists”:]

An opening – next chapter, new life,

a reveal of the very interior of themselves.

Breathtaking – no space for pause, void

filled with pulse, exhalation of other half, thoughts

and words and physical being borrowed.

Amazing – this sensation of rebirth in skin

against skin, mind with mind intertwined.


And all it took was a glance, length of second’s

ocular connection to know

– he knew, she knew –

that their lives would never be complete

without that other.


Exhilarating – speed of the courtship, yes,

but velocity of encompassing wholeness, too.

No hesitating – fear there, old concern

of duration of the dream being cut short;

this reverie near-divine running out of time.

Contemplating – against better judgement weighing the chance

of this perfect sentimental vacation having continuation.


And all it took was a word, minor argument

ignited by some minutia to know

– he knew, she knew –

that perhaps life was not meant for completeness,

even with that other.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]