Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #4, 2016


[Image from sundtrak.com]

[Inspired by The Staves’ “Winter Trees”:]

A shaft of light, she thought,

needs not the substance of dust

to seem full, filled with promise.

Running her pale hand in and out

of the illuminating beam, her skin

shone, glittered, gleamed – she couldn’t

quite find the right word.

No mere vitamin D this spectacle

nourishment, anyhow; deeper, to the heart,

if not the soul.  How long she’d sat there

she didn’t know, didn’t care.  Maybe

she should get some air, reveal further skin

to this rare sun visiting the sky, so blue

and chill.  A grab at a scarf, the slam

of a door, and she was running like a child

out into the wintry world.  Naked

hands and naked face, she smiled

with an abandon she’d not felt since…

Anyway, for long enough.  Eyes closed,

she tilted back her head and basked

in the healing power of the sun.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]