Sunday Sonnet [with Altered Rhyme Scheme], #5, 2016


[Image by Tautvydas Davainis]

As she watched the spiders traversing the

ceiling, she knew delirium had set

in, but realisation did not yet

serve to dissipate the illusion.  The

sun shone on all beyond the curtain, left

hope on the other side of patterned red

flowers.  For inside her room was dark, the

domain of shadows.  A prisoner of

illness, she bode her time, awaited a

recovery she had been sure would’ve

come more quickly than it had.  Enough.  She

stumbled across the room, threw wide those red-

stained curtains and breathed deep the healing air.

The spiders shivered into nothingness.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]