Sunday Sonnet [with Alternative Rhyme-Scheme], #3, 2016

2015-02-03 10.09.54

[Image Author’s Own]

Ever vigilant lookout for mistress,

he watches, waits, sees movement and then warns.

Muscular guard becloaked in fur, distress

only for possibility, the thorn

of doubt, that he might fail in duty, born

from a great love for his caring mistress.

Whatever danger, whichever foe, dawn

to dusk his job is never done.  Once dressed,

he is treated to her thanks, let loose, let

free to run, to frolic in the snow, chase

flakes and leaves, thrown balls.  To play, simply.  Get

chance to reconnect with his inner, yet

still strong, puppy self.  Tongue lolls happy, pace

slows, as the snow settles.  Back home to rest.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]