Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #1, 2016


[Image from galleryhip]

[Inspired by Sia’s “Chandelier”:]

Strange, this newness.

Had thought she’d be reborn:

so much hype.

Like expecting a butterfly

to materialise from a handful

of dust.  Overlooking

that life/death divide;

bitter contradiction.

Can a person rebirth themselves?

A quickening from cold history:

such a tempting possibility.

But the new…

That’s the ingredient she’d been

counting on.

One, two, three,

petals from the flower –

crackling pieces of a corpse

of past gesture of love,


until that countdown butchery –

crumbling between her fingertips,

reddened now with their dry dust.

And no new.

No sparkling fairy godmother transformation,

no sudden ray of sunlight from behind the clouds:

just her.  Just the same old face

staring back at her, expectant,

from the grimy mirror, lipstick message

to him

smudged, yet extant, in the semi-reflective corner.

What a let down.

Wipes her hand across her chest,

smeared blood of petals marking the spot

where her heart used to beat

for him.

One, two, three,

she walks to the cityscape window

(stumbles, rather, grâce à

hard liquor straight up), presses

a tear-stained cheek to the cold glass

and sighs.

The lights of old blaze up at her.

Another year, then, without

sweet loss of those memories

in metamorphosis.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]