Sunday Sonnet [with Alternative Rhyme-Scheme], #1, 2016


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Broken dream blinked out with a fairy light

bulb: black nothingness amid the masses,

their illumination taunting; so bright

their “other”.  (Should have known each wish, it smashes

another piece of Hope, hacks off a chunk,

when it’s swept away with the dead needles

from the pine; sucked into dust – clunk,

inside the vacuum.  Done.)  Yet, Hope wheedles

its way back into the brain, the soul, with

the rising steam from a nice cup of tea:

time to reflect, time to breathe, to think if

this next year holds any promise then sieve

all negativity, and wait.  Then we,

us two, can be together; as one, live.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2016]