Sunday Sonnet [Again, Tardy and Rhyme-less], #23, 2015


[Image from DNA Testing Adviser]

“Who?” the question begs.  “From where, from when, and

why?  With whom; for what?”  So ebb the sands of

time.  Birth followed by death; a union, then

a severance (best abide by lands’ laws).  Yet,

love and hate, and intrigue and loathing, work

to unsettle the minds of many; to

unhinge comforting self-assurance and

give space to fear unfounded.  Or, indeed,

give pause for serious introspection;

a moment, too, for simple reflection

on the past.  All to know, to feel, and to

try to understand the spirit of our

ancestors (be they woman or be they

man).  Wherein, we ask, lay any real harm?

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2015]