Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #33, 2015


[Image sourced from Pinterest]

[Inspired by Passenger’s “Let Her Go” (Acoustic):]

To birdsong she awoke, a single strong voice –

no harmony – breaking through the morning,

ringing wakefulness in a head still pounding.

Sight blurry, blinking brought to focus


so warm upon her skin, aglow

in dawn’s palette.  Peaceful.

How she loved that little bird.

Sentiment opened door of memory,


darker thoughts sleep had forgot.

Touch of scented sheets on skin still naked,

simple rustle washing away avian comfort,

she shuddered, ached, as knocking sounded.  Door


automatically she slid low, eyes daring only

to peek at entrance of the unknown.  She knew,

however, this figure, hovering unsure, not

entering further.  Hesitant, his eyes pained, heart clearly


she sat up and smiled.  No words.  Just this

unspoken relief – angelic salvation.  Her hand

stretched out, seeking: filled eagerly, cupped,

kissed and wept over.  Apologies pouring out while


his lips hushed finally with fingertips.  She pleaded

for the recent past to be put away in history,

sought only the now, where they were, where

next also.  Silence, broken by a chorus of birds


but she waited; finally realised her own answers,

and could not accept them.  Could not be brought

to the maternal household and then discarded,

could not be stolen, tortured, and retrieved:


trying not to break, she would not stand for this

weakness, mistaken reason for separation so

cowardly.  Never again.  Together forever, no

outer elements would implode this union


infinite.  Tirade stopped by his hand against

her cheek, she held her breath, eyes searched his.


[Copyright © N R Nolan 2015]