Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #32, 2015


[Image from Flickr, Celeste Njoo]

[Inspired by Emancipator’s “Nevergreen”:]

Light, so sudden, cutting

through the dark.  Action slow,

brain subdued to semi-consciousness

from the beating and despair.

Eyes focusing, skull in pain protesting.

A hand reaching down, a grip firm

on her arms, pulling her up and out

to the above.  Uncharted skies

at the tunnel’s end, wings of her angel

seen and not in transforming steps

from shadow to light, bright yellow,

beaming down, burning hot, illuminating

their escape.  Everything so white –

and red.  Bare feet sticky on the slippery floor.

So cold, so naked in the air as they took their flight.

White nothing everywhere, but for

intermittent walls dripping dark.

Where?  Where?  Mind too slow, the hand

on her arm too firm, too tense.

The sound of water lapping –

on a shore?  On a boat?  Voices.

Voices now, trailing them, close.

Falling, so quickly falling

into a cloying nothingness, no breath,

no sight.  Panic.  And then the angel,

visible in the liquid blue, pulling

her up to oxygen.  Hand over her mouth

after a single gasp, motionless but for feet

treading water as shouts came from above.

Night surrounded them, from dark to dark

delivered by her angel.  Tears

of relief, chill tremors, before the swim.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2015]