Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #28, 2015


[Image from getthefive.com]

[Inspired by The Oh Hellos “Pale White Horse”:]

The door was open, this one

(not the other, the one that should have

remained shut, locked, hidden

under tangled, thorny vines of past,

of history and due silence).

She was frozen, undecided; terrified

by the chips of paint and wood scattered

by her feet, snow melting from her boots,

pooling around her shadow and crawling

across the soiled floor boards of the corridor,

seeping in between the cracks to blend

with dust and dirt of tenants previous.

The keys shook in her hands, still outstretched,

now clawed and trembling

with the choice to make:

a phone call or step forward?

She wished they would stay quiet:

what if

she wasn’t alone?

Only last week she would have called

him; only last week

no door would be open, no darkness

taunting from beyond the yawning gap.

Now, she was alone, yet might not

be alone.  One moment to decide.

She imagined him,

hand on her shoulder, restraining

curiosity and false bravery;

the stupidity of what she was about to do.

Didn’t need a hand, his love

had always been sufficient.

But her shoulder felt no such touch,

her heart mourned those fingers,

her mind craved

this punishment she believed due her.

Swallowing, she stepped

into the waiting shadows.

The door closed with a click.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2015]