Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #25, 2015


[Image from webdesigncore.com]

[Inspired by James Horner’s “Arabesque” from the late composer’s “Pas de deux”:]

Rain, again,

but its news always welcome,

bringing tales drifted from afar,

falling, nourishing,

first words heard in a drop

that ripples out, its conclusion

always missed.

Yet, a pluvial arrival heralds

cleansing, too.  Washes away

past, present; clears

a space for tomorrow

on verdant ground.

Mirrors tears if you want it to,

or a liquid hope if you don’t.

She was sadly pleased to awake

to this grey, water-strewn view.

Why, she couldn’t quite decide,

but watched, eyes rapt

by the dance of rain and leaves,

swirling on a breeze-lent rhythm,

oblivious to all

except their own expressive

fall to earth; final bow

and curtsey

at this particular act’s

unexplained end.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2015]