Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #23, 2015


[Image from Inspirebee.com]

[Inspired by The Heavy’s “Same Ol'”:]

It was a taste, particular; an addiction

she couldn’t give up.  She only had to look at him,

lying there, arms above his head, skin alabaster white

but for the singular sleeve of ink – colours

so appealing it set her tongue tingling.

She liked him like this: asleep, peaceful,

her pale-skinned angel.  A drastic difference to

the tightrope-walking man, balancing on

the razor edge

of the life he’d chosen for his waking hours.

A stranger then, he could be, a darker version

of the winged creature adorning his bicep,

so smooth beneath her fingertips.

In these moments, their roles reversed.

She became his guardian – of his body,

of his dreams.  She smiled tenderly whenever

his eyelids fluttered in disturbed sleep.

A bad habit, that’s what he was; a drug

that sent her high into ecstasy.

But he was her glove – a glove

that upon occasion didn’t sit quite right,

a bit tight, that suffocated her

to an ache; to pain.

Yet, mostly, they were suited and

she was certainly protected.

The night time hours realised their situation,

the reasoning behind their union, despite

the mutterings of others.

A truth secret, shared only between them.

Pressing the contours of her body to his,

she ran her fingers lovingly through his hair.

[Copyright © N R Nolan 2015]