Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #20, 2015


[Inspired by Chris Call’s “Animals (Miami Chill Version)”:]

Key in the ignition, she didn’t wait, gave no pause

for thought.  Too late for that.  Just the sound

of the engine roaring to life: signal of freedom

long-time coming

as the wheels turned, rubber burning, stirring the gravel

into a frenzy, rough churning equivalent to her mind –

so enraged and fatigued with frustration.

Leave it all behind.

The car’s velocity, swept inside on the wind

whistling in through the cracked wide open windows,

her hair blown back –

free mare on the wide road, rein-less and wild –

she sighed in relief to be again a single agent without baggage

in masculine form; so wearisome.

As the horizon opened itself up to her, she threw

her head back and laughed with tinge of mania.

This was it.  Finally.

For good measure, she tossed off the past behind her.

[Copyright N R Nolan © 2015]

[Image by Up The Banner Photography]