Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #19, 2015

[Inspired by “Since U Asked” by Swim Good x Merival:]

When she was a child, she’d long for the hour

when the postman would come, pour a shower

of envelopes through their big, blue front door,

and she would dive into the pile, scramble on the floor

for the letters addressed to her: large, bulky packages sealed

with tape and dozens of stickers; animals and flowers,

shiny and furry, oily and squidgy.  Those were the hours.

Now, she hid from the bright red van.

He was a harbinger of ill news, that man

who hurried about his job like a speedy worker ant,

who wore shorts in winter, and trousers when skin

dripped with sweat in the simple enactment of turning in

a different direction.  How she wished her own path

would realign to a varied compass point, less dark

than the one frequent sender, Bill, like a preacher, proclaimed.

To see the pile of envelopes now caused her pain and doubt –

the effect was worse, of course, for her bank account.

She’d adopted a system of ignorance, a pile

each for the “unread”, the “read later”, and the “to read in a while”.

And she would, but right now, she had somewhere to be, and then after…

[Copyright N R Nolan © 2015]