Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #17, 2015

[Inspired by Adem’s “Ringing in My Ear”:]

The hot breeze snuck in through the window,

billowing the lace curtain so that it waved and flapped,

domestic symbol of white flag peace offering;

of surrender to the “facts” put forth earlier.

What truths they were.  Her frustrations were taken out

on the dishes submerged in soapy water at the mercy of

her angry scrubbing.  A bead of sweat began

a slow, intimate descent down her neck.  She wiped

a wetter hand across the spot, smearing suds

and the red dust that cloyed to everything

into the collar of her dress, curling the hair escaped

from her bun into ringlets at the end.  Not long till he’d be back.

The fly’s buzzing returned to her senses, thoughts

calming from initial rage.  She dried her hands

on the soiled tea cloth, eyes straying to the view beyond

the grimy glass: endless, this burned horizon, populated

by black trees and the blacker souls of its people.

A wasteland of forgotten hopes and shattered dreams.

She turned away, seeking comfort in broken ice

swimming in strong liquor, running the cool glass over

her forehead as the beverage did its work.  The dog barked

as the truck rumbled up to the house.  Door slammed

less violently than when he’d left.  She waited,

back facing his entrance. She smiled,

rough hands encircling her waist, soothing her heart.

[Copyright N R Nolan © 2015]