Sunday Sonnet, #6, 2015


[Image sourced from thinkfeelgrow]

He watched them with their smiles: bright lies behind

white teeth.  He knew their hidden truths: sharp hate

beneath warm fronts, all air kisses that Kate

ate up, starved of hugs and gossip.  “Rewind,”

he thought.  “Look closer at those words in mind.”

She didn’t, of course.  She needed of late

the untrue more, in fact.  He was her “mate”,

as it were, but Man is animal kind

raised up, elevated to higher thought.

And so, these conversational lies

were comfort to anxieties she ought

to have dispelled.  His love had helped, had taught

her self-respect – but should make her despise

this low form of others in false friend guise.

[Copyright N R Nolan © 2015]