Free Verse, Infrequent Pairing w/ Poetry Through Music (#1, 2015)

[Inspired by “You Remain” by William Ryan Fritch:]

A handful of cash so quickly exchanged

for the promise of hope, a quirk of a smile

betraying a wish, a dream held simply,


in the confines of his brain

and now on the lips – ah, her lips – revealing to others


plans for tomorrow (only

all-dependent on rails, a journey so far;

each changing of iron lanes a shimmer

of alteration of fate).  They don’t know,

he does not know,

as his seated body speeds through a series of stations,

if this hope has no grounding,

no basis in fact.  Childish, he worries,

this latching to that possibility; those future thoughts.

But he must act.

His breathing increases, sweat glistens his palms,

dampening the ticket – that pass to the dream –

as the high-price transport

slows to a stop.


No freak-outs allowed.  But we made a deal…

Forcing tomorrow has a cost;

but, the question looms,

has he paid enough?

[Copyright N R Nolan © 2015]