Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music [, Reversed], #15, 2015

This week’s poem written pre-search for inspirational music; verse this time inspiring the melody sought…

[to listen with Favela’s “Future Visions”:]

The world’s a blur, just beyond the glass

living beings & objects without anima

catch the eye before whizzing past.

Our bodies bend and our bodies sway

as this speeding caterpillar rides each curve,

landscape disappearing: bales of hay

in dewy fields, still ponds – snapshot images of serene ducks,

and zenned-out swans – with postcard villages

paused in ocular time permitted, as fickle luck

would have it, before horizon urban (given that our heads

were but a moment before bent, eyes down to read).

Each of these is a gift of hind- and foresight lent

by a traveller’s undertaking and passionate desire

to go from place to place, to journey on from questionable past

towards those unknown, intoxicating, future fires.

[Copyright N R Nolan © 2015]