Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #14, 2015

And so, after a considerable pause…

[Inspired by Yann Tiersen’s “Sur le fil” (violin intro):]

This canvas, washed in shade of grey,

and spattered with thick spray of agitated rain,

sideways is its horizon bent, supplicating to greater force

of mighty wind – pressing verdant verticals to left, to right,

as horses galloping free to distant land no laws abide.

This scene, almost spinning a centrifugal blend of greens,

of rusted reds, of earthen hues, is smudged to a painter’s mix,

a meteorological mixture with intention – at base – to fix

the landscape, heal with balm of rain unseen drought, just

as tides advance or retreat, correcting shores at the moon’s behest.

This vista, seen as it is through rattling pane of glass, the poet’s is;

is and was.  As then, so now, for observant manipulator of verse,

puppet master of written words, toyer of sentence structure –

imagination lit solely by what is seen and heard.

But what a view by which to be inspired, and afeard!

[Copyright N R Nolan © 2015]