Tuesday Tunes [Tossed To The Week’s End] – Poetry Through Music, #13, 2015


[Image sourced from www.phasemonkey.co.uk]

Inspired by Patrick Watson’s “Words Into The Fire”:

A flick of a page in a moment of pause,

a reverie brief come about with cause

only of rose-tinted heartbeat, thought for the past –

not able to recall when each spoke last.

The images wave, smile, boasting bright days

when happiness was all, love a sun-dappled haze;

and not of the after, the declining conversations

continued from that one, final, ultimately fatal summer vacation.

Those times were good, these pictures attest,

but the heart knows the truth, remembers best

the shadows, dark and dusty corners of memory –

mental images so painful they’re almost sensory.

Better the past remains in this book,

with ability to close, but – if need be again – also to look.

[Copyright N R Nolan © 2015]