Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #11, 2015

[Inspired by Delibes’ Lakmé (Act 1): Flower Duet]


Sunlight glances off the glass of window and vase,

pale petals cradled in tender golden glow of rays,

refracted through the water into a miniature rainbow

on the surface beneath.  She moves her hand so slow

through the colors, skin washed in varying hues –

now flesh, now mottled red and yellow, flickering to blue.

Lips parted, she pauses, warmed by the heat and

smell of newly cut grass – how she longs for sand,

crashing waves and salty air; watches instead a bumble bee,

lured by the pollen, on a flower land, fulfill its need

for the golden dust and disappear with a buzz, in a blur.

It hits her then, the memory: walks on the beach, curls

blown back by the sea breeze – and her hand in his,

firm, reassuring; both of them knowing there would be only this.

The window rattles, breaking her reverie.

The doorbell rings, announcing a delivery.

The woman leaves the sunlight,

inhales: everything would be alright.


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[Copyright N R Nolan © 2015]