Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #10, 2015

[Inspired by Jake Shimabukuro’s “Here, There, and Everywhere”:]

2012-08-26 16.24.03

Her hair is tied back, hardy gloves are put on,

to tame the wild through the window, where – beyond

the glass – there lives and breathes

a garden overgrown with wildflowers and leaves.

Year after year, the woman, at Spring’s showing,

throws rough clothes on, boots on, and gets to mowing.

Rhododendrons are cut back, Hawthorn is hacked,

every step weeded, hedges pruned, and all detritus stacked,

hidden away to decompose far from view.

And so the plants, the flowers, grow vibrantly in many hues

pleasing to the woman’s eye, and her visitors many.

This garden has become a treasure, a Wonderland for any

souls secreting a penchant childish for the tamed wild.

Birds visit, insects congregate, cherishing the mild

weather that permits the garden’s blossoming and bloom:

against the everyday, this verdant paradise conquers urban gloom.

And it all began with a gem of a cottage purchased,

and Burnett-inspired dreams of an awestruck child.

[Copyright N R Nolan © 2015]