Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #8, 2015

[Inspired by Ras G’s “Juju”:]


A key that’s turned, quick insert to life:

fast awakening growling beast, a wife

more real to man, though metallic, than any flesh

denying means of transport.  This way of living fresh

for the ride, for the glide,

the drive along the world’s highways. The slide

of hand along the body, gleaming skin.

That world his life, spectacle not slim

of humanity in guises all: the kid, the dad,

the happy couple, the family screaming bad

at each other, curses all round –

these he watches, wheeling skimming the ground

as he speeds along, rubber burning.

Long as he moves, no longer is he yearning

for the open road, unburdened by shackled finger

of his brothers left behind, made to linger

for woman’s cause, and baby one, two, three – or none.

Just him.  Just this car.  Just freedom to run.

[Copyright N R Nolan © 2015]