Tuesday Tunes [On A Thursday] – Poetry Through Music, #5, 2015

Inspired by Federico Albanese’s “Carousel #3”:


Earth warming; fragile bud yawning into life,

opening to the day rising over horizon:

there, yonder.  Tender greeting.

An unfolding invisible to the eye,

a naked beauty in movement so precise

we pass on by; see not the spectacle

miraculous.  Tread heavy, care shod in fatigue.

Life in a day, opening and closing

as sun awakes before setting, ever

an awakening that sets.

Intricate flower, smaller than grass

surrounding, striving to thrive in winter sun.

Then frozen.  Each petal encased,

caressed by chill fragment of

crystalline ice.  Preserved image

of beauty pure, captured until creation

slowly unfurls from liquid ice,

blooming – reaching to light of sun – once more.

Perfect natural construct to underscore

our own inefficiency.

[Copyright N R Nolan © 2015]

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