Tuesday Tunes – Poetry Through Music, #4, 2015

Inspired by Kurt Vile’s “Blackberry Song”:


Roll to stumble, make to awaken –

this the pattern, beat of dawn.

Babe crawls ‘fore walking,

man yawns ‘fore talking:

daily life is a simple dance.


Bread becomes toast,

butter a liquid spread (return

to mother’s milk, flecked oily).

Flick of a switch heats water,

creates music also.  Magic

that current; vivifying electricity.


Scrub to clothe, adorn with extras –

this the habit, pattern of sheep.

Woman puts on her face

as man shaves off his:

self smoothed to perfection not of self.


Feet start walking as

mouths set to talking, never ceasing

whether ear available or no,

given extra listener of machine.

Incredible, easeful, life today:

souls separate but attached by intangible waves.

[Copyright N R Nolan © 2015]